RE2A Leveling Amplifier


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RE2A Leveling Amplifier


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Faithfully modeled after one of the most sought after studio compressors in history, the RE-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier brings the silky, smooth sound of this highly desirable unit right into Reason's Rack Extension.

Since the 1960s, professional engineers have relied on the unique characteristics of this electro-optical tube-based compressor to work its magic on all kinds of sources, including guitars, bass, pads, and especially vocals.

Product details

Previously only available to big studios that could afford these all tube units, the RE-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier lets you wield this legendary sonic weapon in your own studio, on your own tracks. With only a few simple controls, it’s easy to use and provides instant gratification with professional results. Get the kind of smooth, warm sound heard on so many classic recordings, at a fraction of the cost and with modern convenience.


-Meticulously modeled -Zero latency for realitime tracking and mixing -Up to 40dB of smooth, transparent gain reduction -Frequency dependent compression -Program dependent attack/release -Fully modeled "R37" HF Pre-emphasis control -Dual photocell reset modes (Classic & Fast Reset) -Use side-chain compression for ducking, de-essing, pumping, and more -Modulate other effects using the Gain Reduction CV Output

Modeled to a T: The characteristic sound of the original hardware unit is a result of both its tube design and the famous T4 circuitry – and the RE-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier meticulously models both. The T4 circuit is made up of an electroluminescent panel partnered with an optical photocell that, together, determine the the attack and release time - all based on incoming program material. The four tubes in the original hardware unit were also carefully modeled giving the RE-2A its warm character. The tubes slightly change the shape of the signal, adding even and odd harmonics based on the frequency of the incoming program material. We even went so far as to model the user-adjustable “R37” screw on the original unit. Turning the R37 screw controls how much compression is applied to high-frequency content, such as vocal sibilance. Every detail of the original hardware has been carefully considered and incorporated into this stunning software model.

Smooth Operator: Because it’s essentially a tube amp with some photo-resistors, there is no electronic circuitry involved in the compression process. This simple yet clever design offers flat frequency response and transparent sound with automatic attack and release times that are completely program dependent. Unlike typical dynamics processors that have a fixed compression ratio across all frequencies, the RE-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier’s gain reduction varies at different frequencies. This unique design only reduces gain to a certain point before “giving in” and allowing the output level to naturally increase again. These characteristics play a big part in its smooth and transparent sound and why it is so universally revered as a vocal compressor. But it’s equally at home on guitars, bass, wind instruments and any other highly dynamic source material. Silky smooth and easy to use, the RE-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier is truly a must have dynamics processor.