Nautilus 2

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Nautilus 2 Bass Synth

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Nautilus 2

  • • Era-bending Bass Sounds!


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Nautilus 2 is a follow up to Skrocks first release, Nautilus Bass Synthesizer. Nautilus 1 is now free.

Just as with N1, Nautilus 2 is designed for bass sounds. No matter the genre, with 12 waveforms per wave-type (Saw/Square/Triangle) and a multimode ladder filter, tweak on and enjoy!

The last four in each wave-type are dual sequential waveforms derived from first twelve. 1+2, 3+4.. etc. Fun stuff!

Product details

  • 3 Osc's with 12 wave-types for each waveform.
  • Ladder Filter / LP 24, LP 12, BP, HP.
  • Real-time phase control for each osc.
  • 3 "Spice" modes / Normal, Parallel Drive dual filter, Drive Filtered.
  • Dedicated Distortion for Osc 1.
  • Easy to use modulation panel with targeted osc's.
  • Phase, Pitch and Filter modulation.
  • 2 LFOs
  • 2 ENVs
  • Chorus On / Off !