Luna Dual Performance Synth

PinkNoise Studio

Luna Synth

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Luna Dual Performance Synth

  • • Powerful analogue sounds with digital flexibility
  • • Based on the sounds of Minimoog Voyager


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Compatible with:

Please note that this Rack Extension requires Reason 9.2 or higher.

Product details

From the creator of the best-selling 'Analogue Monster' Refill, PinkNoise Studio presents Luna, a high-powered performance synth that combines powerful analogue sounds with custom digital flexibility.


Powered by the sounds of the legendary Moog Voyager, Luna creates unique synth sounds through a two-part audio-architecture. Each layer contains 90 original sound sources that can be combined, isolated and re-synthesized into a new exciting synth sound.

Each sound source is clearly labelled in terms of it's musical context 'Bass / Synth / Lead' have been painstakingly programmed to bring, powerful useful sounds in several genre contexts. Change and experiment with either of the layers instantly, with zero loading time retaining your inspiration.

Optimised in over 100 custom-built patches combining unique FX units, signal-flow and a modulation matrix, the synth is ideal for keyboard wizardry, studio-trickery or sonic exploration. Experience evolving pads, deep booming bass, soaring detuned-leads, analogue-style strings, rhythmic arpeggios and much more.

Back Panel + CV Connections

The rear panel offers additional advanced functionality such as CV sequencer, modulation and configuration controls to interact with other instruments in the rack.

Factory Sounds

Performance and playability lie at the core of Luna factory bank with intuitive performance and modulation wheel routings at the core of every patch. Flex your keyboard skills with a split-key patch; compliment a breakdown with a FX preset or craft dense soundscapes with automation features optimised for Reason.

New in 1.0.5

• Polyphony bug, when the polyphony was set to greater than 32, an error occurred in exporting to audio, fixed.

• Delay FX time bug, when you used absolute time, the delay time was incorrect after you re-opened the song, fixed.

New in 1.0.4

• Patch initialisation bug, fixed.

New in 1.0.3

• sample offset initialisation bug fixed

• new feature: link options (see manual for the details)

• new patches for the Factory bank

New in 1.0.2


• mono mode now works properly

• fixed a small graphical offset bug in Filter enable switch


• new envelope response curve (higher resolution at the starting range to create more "punchy" sounds)

• 15 new convolution reverb types

• new patches for the Factory bank

• updated readability on the moog style knob's values

The order of the convolutions has been reorganized by the new types in version 1.0.2. If you have saved projects that contains v.1.0.0 Luna instruments, the following table may help to correct the Convolution types: Luna_1.0.2_changes.pdf