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Lithium WT Synthesizer

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  • • Unique Wave tables
  • • Fast Tweaking


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Lithium is a wavetable synthesizer with a unique sound.

Lithium features a set of custom made wavetables which gives the user freedom to produce anything from warm evolving pads, experimental noisy or classic subtractive style sounds.

With a retro look and a straightforward layout, Lithium is based on the idea of experimentation, and to have the ability to create a wide variety of timbres, but still being minimalistic and fast to patch.

Product details


Update 1.1.5

At the core of Lithium there's two wavetable generators that contains eleven wavetables.

Think of wavetables as specialised samples that are divided into small segments. Each segment can be looped individually as single cycle waveforms, or you can move trough the segments, making it possible to produce evolving sounds.

The wavetables are constructed so that they evolve and change timbre. Lithium was designed to be simple yet have a unique sound character because of the custom wavetables. Especially the more experimental ones are totally unique, no other synth have these.


Wavetable starts with a saw wave and morphs into a square wave. The saw contains even and odd harmonics and the square wave contains odd harmonics. Perfect for classic bass and brass etc.


Starts with a square wave which progresses into a narrow pulse. This is also one of those classic sounds from subtractive synthesizers. The Pulse-Pwm can be modulated with an LFO to create classic pulse-width modulation.


As the name implies, morphs between sine, triangle and square waveforms.


This is an experimental wavetable which modulates a carrier to create overtones which are not necessary harmonic. It makes it possible to create sounds that may sound mechanical and springy.


Similar to the above this wavetable is capable of creating non harmonic overtones.

Both the FM and Sync wavetables can be used to introduce subtle overtones that create a unique timbre.


This is a morph between two similar waveforms with high frequency overtones that have an interesting icy character.

Harmonics 16, Evens, Odds, Octaves

These four wavetables contains sine waves that are related according to harmonic series.


Contains high pitch formants that mimics a voice. It can really add character if used creatively.

Basic specifications

2 Wavetable generators

with 11 custom made wavetables and mix.

Generators have index knobs for setting start position in the wavetables, and ADSR for controlling wavetable behavior.

Each generator have knobs for semitone and cent control.


filter with ADSR

Drive (post filter)

The drive if used sparingly gives a warm sound but higher amounts can give screechy noisy sound.

2 LFOs

with 4 waveforms (sine, saw, rand1, rand2) and 3 pre-routed destinations.

Standard ADSR

for amp

Global section

Spread with with optional detune.

Chorus. Mono/Poly/Glide. Master pitch.