DyingStar Polysynth Machine


WT Synthesizer

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DyingStar Polysynth Machine

  • • Spirit of BlueRack inside..
  • • 170/40 WT for Osc 1-3 / Sub-Osc
  • • WaveRanges on every Osc

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DyingStar Polysynth Machine come to Reason rack. Include 3 Oscillators with 120 base wavetables (+50 Lead WT / 40 Sub WT), Sub-Oscillator with 40 wavetables. Every Osc include Waveform Range fader to operate wavetables. Oscillators contain Waveshapers with 6 different waveforms.

Scheme of DyingStar contain Amp and Filter Envelopes, Modulation Envelopes, 2 LFO, Modulation Matrix, LP24 Pre-filters, Comb Filter with modulations, Post-Filters, Pan with settings, 10 FXs, Static Pre-FX reverbrations, Spaces FX, End Filter.

All options of DyingStar make it flexible, powerful and friendly device in your rack.

Now 200+ native patches, plus included 91 signature patches by HYDLIDE. Also add 2 Post-Filters (multimode).

Combi Backdrops files

Product details


  • 3 oscillators: 120 base wavetables, plus 50 Lead WT / 40 Sub WT,
  • 1 Sub-oscillator: 40 wavetables.
  • WaveShapers: 6 waveforms
  • Wavetable Ranges, Spread
  • LP24 Pre-filter
  • CombFilter with moulations
  • Post-Filter (2 multimode filters)


  • Amp and Filter Envelopes, 2 Modulation Envelopes
  • 2 LFO with modulations
  • Modulation Matrix
  • Deeper Pan and Dist settings
  • Portamento section with Glide modulations
  • Mono Voices button (every OSC - 1 voice)
  • Velocity settings
  • 11 FXs: Static Pre-FX reverbs, Limiter, Compressor, Phaser, Overdrive, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Reverb
  • Spaces (reverb and delay emulations of hardware fx-pedals)
  • End Filter (6 types)
  • PB/MW section with Pitchband Range, Voices, ModWheel Amt to LFO, Freq, Res

Pre-Filter Envelope

Contain AHDSR, Curves for Attack and Decay

Amp Envelope

Contain AHDSR, Limiter section with Osc links and 3 limiter modes


Velocity Amt to Freq/Res, Amp Attack On/Off, FilterEnv On/off


Links to Osc 1-3 / Sub-Osc, Modulation Src: Randoms, PB, Aftertouch, MW, Breath, Expression, Velocity, Glide, FilterEnv, AmpEnv, LFO 1/2, Mod Env 1/2. Modulation Dest: Volume, Pan, Tune, Freq, Reso (Global / Osc 1 / 2 /3 /Sub-Osc)


2 multimode filters with 6-types


Glide Sync/Free Glide Dest: None, Vol, Pan, Tune

LFO 1/2

6 waveforms (Sine, Tri, Square, Saw, Rand, Analog Drift) LFO 1/2 Dest: Volume, Pan, Tune, Freq, Reso (Global/Osc1-3/Sub-Osc)

Mod Env 1/2

AHDSR, Amt, Attack and Decay Curves

Modulation Matrix

Modulation Src: Const, Randoms, PB, Aftertouch, MW, Breath, Expression, Velocity, Glide, FilterEnv, AmpEnv, LFO 1/2, Mod Env 1/2. Modulation Dest: Volume, Pan, Tune, Freq, Reso (Global/Osc1-3/Sub-Osc)

Pan Settings

Pan L/R, Width, Swap Channels, Phase Invert

Static Pre-FX

A/B/C/D modes of reverbs


Limiter / Compressor / Phaser / Overdrive / Distortion / Lo-Fi / Chorus / Flanger / Delay / Reverb


Emulations of hardware fx-pedals (reverbs and delays): - 19 Eve modes - 10 Boz modes - 8 Syman modes

End Filter

LP24, LP12, LP+, HP+, HP12, BP6

Pitchband / Modwheel

PB Range, Voices ModWheel Amt to LFO, Freq, Res

Master Section

Pan, Volume, Octave


Sequencer Control (Gate/CV) Audio Output (L/R) Sound Quality (Eco / Mid / High) Pedal Sustain (Off / On / Latch / Damper) Machine Structure Scheme


v. 1.3.1:
- bugfix (Post-Filter 2 On/Off button not active)

v. 1.3.0:
- add OSC HotLink (fast On/Off activity)
- new Destinations LFO 1/2:
- OSC Ranges (Global / Osc 1-3,Sub)
- Pre-Filter ENV (Intensive, Rate, Att, Hold, Dec, Sust, Release)
- Amp ENV (Intensive, Rate, Att, Dec, Sust, Release)

v. 1.2.0:
- Fixed bug of LFO display
- Changes in Delay FX. Delay Sync BEATS: 1/16..16/16, 1/8T..6/8T. Delay Sync SEC: 0-4 seconds scaled as 0-100%.
v. 1.1.1: fix work of faders (LFO / ModEnv/ PreFilter Env / AmpEnv), change some scrolling-elements to context popup-menus
v. 1.1.0:
- add 2 PostFilters (multimode),
- some design changes (sections of LFO / ModEnv / Modulations / Dist/Pan)
- Mono voices button (every OSC with 1-voice, OSC voices summed)
- now native 200 patches + 91 signature patches from HYDLIDE
v. 1.0.1: (minor update: fix clipped patches)