Blackpole Station Polyphonic Synthesizer


Waveform based synth

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Blackpole Station Polyphonic Synthesizer

  • • Sounds Deeper than BlackHole
  • • Now new 2nd ROM and 2 Hybrid ROMs
  • • 68 waveforms in 5 osc (plus 3 sub-oscillators)


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Blackpole Station is a new polyphonic synthesizer for Reason Propellerhead. Based on 68 waveforms in 5 oscillators (plus three sub-oscillators with 7 detuned saw and square waveforms). Now device contain 4 ROMs. Synthesizer contain 2 base, 1 sub, noise and ring oscillators. Three 
 oscillators contain additional X7-OSC sub-oscillators.
 Blackpole include classic analog waveforms (Sine, Triangular, Sawooth, Pulse, Square) and digital waveforms (Leads, Pads, Drones, One-shote samples and cycle-loops). Flexible system of OSCs, Filters, LFOs, Envelopes, Effects and other elements of synthesizer helped us named it Blackpole Station.

Sounds Deeper than Black Hole, Purer than ice of North Pole..

Now new 2nd ROM and 2 Hybrid ROMs !

Product details


  • Default ROM (from early versions),
  • Second ROM,
  • Hybrid ROMs (A/B variations of Second and Default ROMs, where A - waveforms from Default ROM and B - waveforms from new Second ROM) 


  • 1&2 Main Osc, 

  • Sub-osc,
  • Ring,
  • Noise.

Osc 1 & 2 analog waveforms (4 types with steps 2/4/8/16'): sine, triangle, sawooth, pulse plus wavetable groups (Leads, Pads, Drones, Samples).

Sub-osc contain 15 waveforms: sine, pulse, square with selection in 2 octaves and 9 wavetables.

Osc 1&2 and Sub-osc include
 additional X7-Osc. This Oscillator module adds up to 7 detuned sawtooth waves with square wave as addition to selected waveform.

Ring & Noise Ring Osc Ring oscillators contain level control. Noise oscillator contain color knob


Osc 1&2 and Sub-osc has own LFO 1/2/3.
 Its simple LFO with choice of waveform, rate, sync, retrigger and destination.


First 3 oscillators (1&2 plus Sub) contain 4-pole lowpass filters (LP24 - 24 dB/oct) with Cutoff, Resonance, Envelopes (Cut/Res) and Smooth knobs. First 3 oscillators (1&2 plus Sub) contain addition sections: Shaper, Distortion, Band, Spread, Haas, Pan.

Comb Filter 1/2/Sub oscillators and Ring Osc contain Comb Filters. CombFilter section with controllers located near Ring section. Comb Filter Link section contain links to activate Oscillators to CombFilter, and also LFO modulation links to CombFilter elements (Tune/Feed/Damp/Mix).

Spaces After all OSCs, signal routed to SPACES. There You can choose one from 30 creative FX-spaces.

Pre-FX / End-Filter sections contain selectable type of filters (6 types), On/Off button, Cutoff and Resonance knobs. Pre-FX filter provide signal from Mixer to FX-section.
 End-Filter provide signal from FX-Section to Level output. As addition, Pre-FX section contain Long Verb and Verb impulse-elements with On/Off button.


Synthesizer include AHDSR Amp and Filter Envelopes.

FX section

This section include 6 FX. Every FX can be used or disabled with knob On/Off. FX elements: Phaser, Limiter, Distortion, Chorus, Delay and Reverb.

[Download PDF Manual]

Whats new in v. 1.2.2

  • Activity of EndFilter On/Off with Spaces Mix bugfix

Update history:

Whats new in v. 1.2.1
- Combinator patches bugfix

Whats new in v. 1.2.0
- Add 2nd ROM and 2 Hybrid ROM variations
- GUI bugfix

Whats new in v.1.1.1:
- X7 OSC Voices bug fix (now working all 7 voices)
- CombFilter bugfix
- New 6U device panel
- Deeper control of Delay FX section
- Add Phaser FX
- Add Filter 1/2/3 Cut and Res Envelope knobs
- Add Glide Smooth knob
- Add Spread FX to 1/2/Sub Osc
- Add HAAS FX to 1/2/Sub Osc
- Add Pan to 1/2/Sub Osc
- Add Sound Quality selection to rear panel
- Add Pedal Sustain selection to rear panel
- Add Spaces section (30 hi-qulaity fx-spaces)
- CombFilter dropped out from Ring Osc, now You can use Comb Filter Links Section. There You choose active oscillator links, and also modulation from LFO 1/2/3 to elements of CombFilter (Tune/Mix/Feed/Damp)

Whats new in v.1.0.1:
- Some graphic GUI changes (error with CV names)
- Add Keyboard Tracking to 1&2 and Sub OSCs
- Add Velocity Amp
- Bugfix: artefacts at low velocity