AEON Organic Virtual Instrument

Heavyocity Media

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AEON Organic Virtual Instrument


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AEON's Organic component delivers over 100 playable instruments presets in a deeply customized interface. This diverse set of content is comprised of traditional instruments, unique ensembles, and more than a few Heavyocity signature sounds: bowed and struck dumpsters, dinner bells, and oil cans provide a whole new layer of cinematic possibility. Quickly create motifs or build intricate melodic patterns with custom arpeggiator and combinator patches. With samples ranging from pristine to punchy (and nearly everything in between), the Organic side of AEON is sure to usher the Reason composer into whole new sonic landscapes.

Product details

Organic Instruments Over the course of two years, Heavyocity captured in-depth recordings of a wide array of instruments. Thousands of samples were recorded at 48 kHz, 24-bit in world class studios. Instruments ranging from Tuned Cowbells and Upright Bass to pristine Crotales and Harps provide you with a vast range of timbres at your fingertips

Unique Ensembles AEON provides a vast range of sampled material including a number of unique ensembles. Performed in unison, these ensembles were made up of instruments like Tuned Dinner Bells, Stringed Oil Cans, and Plucked Guitar.