Synapse Audio FX Bundle

Synapse Audio

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Synapse Audio introduces a complete collection of all 6 effect rack extensions released so far. The Synapse FX Bundle is an essential studio plug-in package for creating professional music productions within Reason. All effects have been carefully designed to meet the highest standard of sound quality and offer modulation options on the back panel to increase their versatility.

Included in this bundle

AF-4 Analog Filter

The AF-4 is a virtual-analog lowpass filter module, based on the well-known transistor ladder design. In order to obtain highest quality, this lowpass filter employs a topology-preserving, zero-delay feedback network with 4x oversampling, yielding results comparable to industrial circuit simulator.

New in v1.1.0: Bandpass and Highpass modes.

New in v1.0.1: Sidechain for Filter FM.

DC-2 Dual Chorus

The DC-2 dual chorus offers a warm, sweeping stereo chorus effect based on a two-stage design with well-matched delay times.

New in v1.1.0: Ensemble mode and Sync switch.

DR-1 Deep Reverb

Inspired by a high-end 1980s outboard reverb, the Synapse Deep Reverb DR-1 delivers a deep, lush sound not found in modern software reverbs.

New in v1.1.0: Modulation knob, Lo/Hi Cut filters.

RM-1 Ring Modulator

The RM-1 is a virtual-analog ring modulator with a unique soft-saturation characteristic. Both an internal oscillator as well as mono and stereo side chains are available as a modulation source. Full CV control for all knobs is available on the backside of this rack extension.

For a more detailed description of the simulated circuit and its sound parameters, refer to the "About this Product" section below.

VE-3 Vintage Equalizer

The Synapse Vintage EQ-3 is a precise model of a 3-band analog tone stack, as found in late 50s guitar amplifiers. The unique sound of these devices is due to the coupled, passive circuits employed.