McDSP Equalizer Collection

Tone Shaping Bundle

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The Equalizer Collection by McDSP is a bundle of unique tone shaping processors, including the E670, FRG-EEE, and Moo Q equalizers.

The E670 is old school by design for a great classic sound, the FRG-EEE frequency resonant gain algorithm (FRG) makes the low end glow and the high end shine, and the Moo Q all tube-based emulation will milk tracks for all they're worth.

Get more out of your rack. Get the Equalizer Collection by McDSP.

Included in this bundle

E670 Equalizer

The E670 Rack Extension plug-in is a three-band equalizer with a flexible design and vintage tone. An excellent companion product to the C670 compressor.

FRG-EEE Equalizer

The FRG-EEE Rack Extension plug-in is a modern four-band equalizer consisting of low and high shelving EQ wrapped around two parametric bands.

Moo Q Equalizer

The Moo Q Rack Extension plug-in is a software emulation of modern tube-based equalizers. Moo Q goes with audio tracks like milk goes with cookies. Get some Moo in your music with the Moo Q equalizer.