DCAM Dynamics Bundle

Dynamics Processing

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FXpansion DCAM Dynamics is a bundle of 3 circuit-modelled Rack Extensions for dynamics processing in your Reason projects. With bus compression, limiting amplifier track compression and envelope-style transient shaping, DCAM Dynamics is perfect for a variety of compression duties, from taming tricky transients to creating heavy sculpting effects.

Included in this bundle

DCAM BusComp

FXpansion DCAM BusComp delivers high-end studio-quality bus compression directly in your Reason environment.

Designed for drum and master bus duties, it adds punch, depth and cohesion to your mixes while keeping it sounding smooth and natural.

DCAM ChanComp

DCAM ChanComp is a circuit-modelled channel compressor based on a classic FET-based limiting amplifier design, perfect for drums, bass, vocals and all kinds of other signals.

DCAM EnvShaper

FXpansion DCAM EnvShaper is a powerful processor for controlling transients in your Reason projects.

Ideal on electronic & acoustic drums, percussion loops, bass and guitar, it lets you emphasise or tame transients to increase punch or help parts sit well in a mix.