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TrafficControl is a CV routing switch box equally suited for live performance or composing. Though primarily designed for routing Sequencer Control CV signals (i.e., MIDI-to-CV data for controlling instruments), TrafficControl can also serve as a modulation source selector, providing a useful tool for sound designers.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Released: 2013-04-25
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Rating: 4.3

Product details

Product manual:

TrafficControl is a CV routing switch box, which means it allows a convenient, precise method to control the routing of CV signals. Primarily designed for Sequencer Control CV signals (used to control instruments), but equally suited for routing modulation signals.

If you own AutoArp, TrafficControl is a perfect companion, allowing you to seamlessly switch between multiple AutoArp patterns on the fly. This greatly expands the flexibility of AutoArp.

Even if you don't own AutoArp, TrafficControl augments all triggering devices/REs (such as the Matrix or RPG-8), allowing you to mix and match a variety of Sequencer Control signal source devices to control your instrument.

Designed equally for live performance and song composition, TrafficControl provides several methods of selecting the active "slot" from the six available; MIDI notes (the "white keys" C-A), Combinator control, automation, Remote control, or the large slot selection buttons of the UI. Chain multiple TrafficControl instances together to create complex pattern banks.

Each of the six slots allows custom labeling to assist keeping your signals organized.

To see the potential for TrafficControl, and to help you learn to use it, look at the example combinator patches provided. Use Reason's "Create Instrument" command, navigate to the Rack Extension folder, and then to the TrafficControl folder to find these patches.