Contemporary Wood Wind

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  • • 134 Unique Combinators & 104 NNXT
  • • Highest Quality Wind Instruments Ever for Reason
  • • 1823 Unique 24 Bit Samples Powering Instruments


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A new standard for woodwind instruments has come to the Reason environment.

Timbre is a collection of high end woodwind and reed instruments that brings a new level of quality to the Reason environment. The main instruments range from Bass Bassoons - Bassoons - Oboes - Clarinets - Saxophones - Flutes etc.. The instruments were recorded in some unique spaces over a three month period.

Product details

Key switching patches have also been included for all key instruments, as well as split instruments which are particularly handy in live situations, or for idea creation. Standard orchestra instruments will be your main "go to".

Check out the video about creating orchestral music in Reason on this page for more.


  • 134 Unique Combinators
  • 104 NNXT Patches
  • 1823 Unique 24 bit Samples

Refill for Reason 9 and above

3.9 GB of 24 bit Samples & Patches. Packed into a 1.9 GB Reason Refill