The ARP2600R Refill

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The ARP2600R Refill

The ARP2600R Refill


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The ARP2600R Refill is a collection of patches for Reason that is squarely aimed at re-creating the genius that is the ARP 2600 synthesizer. Extensive time has been poured into bringing back to life the legendary synthesizer in Reason format. A great collection of patches, capturing the sonic styles of the semi-modular synthesizer that was and still is one of the greatest analogue synths ever built.

Product details

Included in this Refill are faithful reproductions of the original patch designs, as featured in “The ARP2600 Patch Book” published by ARP Instruments in the 1970?s.

The ReFill also includes a new database of patches covering sonic areas such as Bass, FX, Pad, Lead, Sequences & Arpeggios, as well as a separate bank of Basic Forms enabling you to build your own ARP 2600 style sounds"

  • Released: 2013-06-26
  • |  Version: 1.0.0