Percussion Machine

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  • • Over 6100 MIDI generated Loops
  • • Infinite Structures
  • • 1485 Unique 24 Bit Samples Powering Instruments


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Structure is a Percussion Generator, But that is describing it too simply. Inside each of the 70 Instruments there is 88 keys with a different loop on each. The loops are MIDI generated so the seamlessly work in any tempo or style of production. By playing several keys in succession you create a totally unique percussive bar.

Product details

Create Cinematic Loops with ease using the Score Percussion Machine. StructuRe is designed to give infinite combinations of percussive beats. To view more about how it works please watch the attached video.Each of the 70 Instruments contain 88 Keys across your MIDI keyboard, Each key generates a different sounding loop the the key preceding it. So by doing the maths there is 88 Loops on each of the 70 instruments which is over 6000 Loops, and that is before the toggle variations are brought into play.


  • 6180 Loops
  • 70 Unique Combinators
  • 68 Kong Kits
  • 1475 Unique 24 bit Samples

Format & Size:

  • Refill for Reason 9 and above
  • 3.8 GB of 24 bit Samples & Patches
  • Packed into a 0.78 GB Reason Refill