Electric Bass

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  • • A Real Bass Instrument
  • • Sampled And Modelled On One Of The Kings Of The B
  • • 78 Combinators, Plus Much More


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Rockinbackre is essentially an electric bass guitar instrument in the form of a refill. It has been modelled on a very prestigious brand of bass guitars using a number of models from this very guitar range. The mutlisampled Bass guitar models used - 4003 / 4004 / Vintage Maple / Upright

Product details

The refill also contains the 'Bass PlayRe' This is a series of combinator patches which have real live bass grooves pre recorded. All you need to do is select the notes and pattern to suit your track. With the Instruments there is a variation you can choose on each sampled bass instrument via the amp settings etc, which helps you get the tone and feel you desire for free playing your riff on your MIDI keyboard. The most realistic bass player you have ever had in your music!


  • 78 Combinators
  • 27 OctRex Patches
  • 190 Dr Rex Loops
  • 7 NNXT Patches
  • 3.6GB 24Bit Multi sampled audio, Pre Packing.
  • Delivered in Refill Format 1.2GB
  • Requires Reason 8 or above