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ReVolt CV Processor

Black and Orange

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ReVolt CV Processor is a dual purpose, utility device. With its analog and digital displays, you can see precisely what your CV signal is doing. Then, with its extensive CV manipulation section, CV generation ability, and Filtered Split section, you can tweak, shape, transform, and route CV signals to do exactly what you need.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Released: 2013-04-25
  • Version: 1.1.5
  • Rating: 4.7

Product details

If you're a new Reason user and think of your employment and educational history when you hear the term "CV", ReVolt is for you.

If you're a Reason power-user who wants to route and modulate with precision, ReVolt is for you.

If you're a human rights activist suffering under an oppressive autocratic regime, then ReVolt is... oh wait. Scratch that one. Could be dangerous to your health.

ReVolt CV Processor adds a powerful, informative tool to your Reason rack. It is a utility in every sense of the word.

With its analog meter and three digital displays, ReVolt allows you to route CV with precision. If you're new to Reason, the concept of Control Voltages will finally make sense when you see the motion of an LFO, or the numeric range of an envelope, which makes ReVolt an educational tool as well.

ReVolt's CV manipulation section allows you to take a CV signal and manhandle it into submission. Influence your CV signal with a secondary CV source. Shift your signal for easy transposing. Scale your signal up or down to boost a weak signal or temper some of its fury. Introduce off-beat timing by restricting your signal's range, or even remap your signal's motion to a completely different area of the spectrum.

Or start from scratch and use ReVolt to generate a constant signal which you can route anywhere to control any CV input on any device (CV generation requires one 9V battery - included).

Conditional routing in Reason takes a step forward with ReVolt's Threshold Switch section. Use the CV signal you've been manipulating/generating (or an additional external CV source) and route it according to a user-defined threshold. Then use this switch logic to conditionally route up to 4 external signals. Want to transpose your Matrix pattern up an octave when your Subtractor envelope reaches full attack? Now you can. Switch Redrum trigger patterns each time your Pulsar LFO cycles? That's what you've got ReVolt for baby! Dream of chaining together a series of ReVolts to construct an AI composer that also has plans for world domination? Hmm.... probably not until ReVolt 2 (but the 3 Laws of Robotics have been coded in just to be safe).

ReVolt CV Processor from Black and Orange: Take charge of your rack!

Product Manual:

Version Notes: Version 1.1.5 • Labeling/tooltip adjustments/standardizing

Version 1.1.4 is the first update to ReVolt. • "Value out of range" bug fixed

• Labeling updates based on customer feedback. "CV2 Mix" is now "CV2 Influence", "Filtered Split" is now "Threshold Switch", "Smooth" is now "Switch Smooth", Static "Enable" is now "Replace CV Out"

• Signal flow chart updated on back of device to be clearer.

• Static knob is now continuous output through dedicated CV output connection port. Allows generated CV signal to act independently of the main CV manipulation section.

• Midi Note output. Add a Sequencer track for ReVolt, or put it in a Combinator and it can now receive Midi notes and output the Note CV and Gate CV signals for those notes to be routed to other devices, or straight back into ReVolt to be manipulated (or influence manipulation) first.