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Dual LFO

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Pulsar LGM-1 is a dual channel modulation powerhouse for the Reason rack. Use it to introduce variation to your sounds, create entirely new ones using its advanced and flexible modulation, or load up any of the masterfully crafted presets for instant inspiration.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Released: 2016-04-05
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Rating: 4.7

Product details

Pulsar is a dedicated dual LFO with advanced routing and modulation possibilities. It’s also a powerful little synth in its own right. For tweakers, Pulsar makes every single thing in the rack a little bit better. For back-of-the-rackophobes it comes with Combinator patches, using Pulsar to create everything from lush evolving pads to the grittiest of wobble basses.

Need to add slow modulation to a filter, or alter the speed of a tremolo as you trigger new notes? Pulsar is up for any task. Turn up the Shuffle parameter to introduce some irregularity to your modulation. Smooth out sharp waveforms using Lag. Or go all-out bonkers and modulate Pulsar with a modulation of itself.

When the rate is turned up, Pulsar transforms from low frequency oscillator to high powered synth with plenty of character. The LFO waveforms in combination with lag and shuffle brings tons of tones—edgy and noisy.

Features - Two LFOs that range from super-slow to audio rate - Built-in envelope to control rates and levels over time - It's a synth too — gritty and with plenty of character. - Play the LFOs and envelope from your MIDI keyboard - Phase, Shuffle and Lag controls lets you change the groove and shape for an infinite number of waveforms - Flexible routing on the front and back provides plenty of cross-modulation options - Includes a great collection of Pulsar-based Combinator patches for instant inspiration

To find the included patches, select Create Instrument from Reason's Create menu, and click Rack Extensions in the top left corner of Reason patch browser.

☞ Changed in version 1.0.1: Fixed performance problems when running the 32-bit version of Reason on Windows.

☞ Changed in version 1.0.2: Bug fixes