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Mutagen Multiband Distortion

Multiband Distortion
AirRaid Audio

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Mutagen is a unique take on the multiband distortion concept. It features 3 bands, 15 powerful distortion algorithms—from classic low-fi effects to custom-designed audio manglers—and an innovative Stereo Mix section, which allows you to isolate not only specific frequencies, but also specific ranges within the stereo field. This gives you a microscopic level of precision with which to mutate your sound.

  • Category: Creative FX
  • Released: 2014-02-06
  • Version: 1.1.5
  • Rating: 4.3

Product details

Mutagen is more than just a typical multiband distortion unit. Rather, it is a highly advanced and beautifully crafted agent of total, manic destruction. Or subtle warmth. Or subtle manic destruction.


We start off with a wide range, 3 band cross-over, before moving on to the individual bands. Next up, we have our distortion section, which features 15 custom algorithms, with which to mutate your sound. Each algorithm has been developed from the ground up, and carefully "tuned" to produce unique, musical results, whether you’re looking to add some basic texture to a synth pad, or completely mangle a beat. 


Our unique one-knob Stereo Mix section divides the wet audio signal into its mono and stereo components, and applies the distortion algorithm to each independently. This gives you an unheard of level of precision when crafting your sound. For example, by combining the Stereo Knob with the the cross-over, you can isolate the stereo part of a snare drum and sprinkle it with dirt, leaving the centre untouched. Or, you can overdrive the mono part of a kick drum, leaving the air around it crystal clear.


While the majority of multiband distortion units generally place the distortion section after the cross-over, Mutagen allows you to place the cross-over either BEFORE or AFTER the distortion, creating two potentially very different effects. This can be especially interesting when using RingShift or FreqShift, which effect the audio signal by shuffling the frequencies around.



X-Over 3 band neutral cross-over. This allow you to select which specific frequencies are effected the distortion. Selectable frequencies range from 50Hz  to 10’000Hz.

Audio Routing Allows you to place the cross-over either before or after the distortion section. This feature is unique to Mutagen, and can produce some very unpredictable, yet always interesting results.

Volume Master volume control.

Peak Limiter A warm sounding peak limiter to help keep things under control.


On/Off Switches individual bands on and off, transforming Mutagen into a single, double or triple band distortion unit.

Solo/Mute/Bypass Essential tools to help fine-tune your sound.

Distortion Type Selects one of 15 distortion algorithms, ranging from standards such as BitCrush and HardClip to more experimental designs, such as DigitalStomp, FM and Click&Cut. Each algorithm has been carefully tuned to produce musical results, no matter what your style.

Types: [None], BitCrush, HardClip, Hyperbolic, Sine, Foldback, Rectify, DigitalStomp, SineErode, NoiseErode, RingShift, FreqShift, FM, Click&Cut, Accumulator, Thunder.

Boost Essentially a preamp, although it can take on less conventional roles, depending on which Distortion Type is selected!

P1 The first distortion algorithm variable. Tweak with caution.

P2 The second distortion algorithm variable. Tweak with extra caution.

Stereo A unique function of Mutagen. Stereo allows you to select which specific frequencies within the stereo field are going to be effected by the distortion. This gives you an unprecedented level of control over your final sound, and can also help reign in more extreme settings.

Mix A standard dry/wet affair.

Vol Controls the final volume of the band.


All controls (except for Distortion Type) can be freely modulated via external CV. This allows you to create rhythmic effects or evolving textures. Check out our audio samples to get an idea of what is possible!