JupitRe Octo


Analog Synth Samples

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JupitRe Octo

  • • A Perfect Replication Of A Historic Synth
  • • Bringing Real Analog Warmth To Your Rack
  • • 12.6GB 24Bit Audio Inside


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Jupitre Octo is a refill designed around one of the most famous synths from the 1980's. Unlike Rack Extensions, and other soft-synths that recreate the synth in digital form, The ReFill is focused on the real analog sound 'captured'. The ReFill focuses on the stock sounds, just as if you went back in time 30 years & took the synth brand new out of the box, and not all that add ons that came after it.

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The legendary eight voice polyphonic / dual timberal analog subtractive synth JupitRe Octo was released in 1981 which is 35+ years ago now.

The ReFill focuses on the factory stored patches before any expansion or altering takes place so "out of the box".

If you really want to get technical with the ReFill you can open up the combinator patches and replace the VL2 section with other voices you may prefer to create very unique sounds. We stuck to delivering it as the standard original. The ReFill is a massive 6.7 Giga Bytes in size and we have taken extreme care to multi-sample every patch from a great working order 32 year old model.

The analog feel that the sounds give you are quite different from the crisp polished digital synths we have all become so used to. It is no wonder that major music heads like Apex Twin to Duran Duran to Marvin Gaye have all featured it in their modern works.

  • 12.6GB of 24 Bit Audio
  • Refill Size / Download Size - 6.7 GB
  • Combinators - 105
  • NNXT - 128

Be advised, Digital snobs may not be able to comprehend what these refills represent. If you were not around in the 1980's or you are used to being spoiled by digital soft-synths, then maybe these ReFills are not for you. If you are used to synths where you hold one note and it writes the whole melody for you, then best avoid these pieces of history. What these ReFills represent is the original soundbanks factory fitted to iconic analog synths. We have purposely left in the hiss, noise and imperfections that a real analog synth 30+ years old will give you.

In a world where mere mortals will find it hard to experience owning some of these hardware synths without winning the lottery or robbing a bank, we have spent a long time getting them just right, specially for the Reason rack. Each Hardware ReFill contains over 12GB of data and each one is delivered in a whopping 6 to 7GB refill. It is recommended that you are running a reasonably up to date system 4Gb Ram and a decent processor would be strongly advised.

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