Bass and Synth Sounds

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  • • Perfect For Dubstep or Drum & Bass
  • • 150 Nasty Growling Combinators
  • • Dr Octo Rex Library


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Growlre is an instrument to a certain degree. It is a special ReFill with a purpose. Its purpose is to generate bass & synth sounds that pack a real punch.

Product details

Growlre is presented over a series of 150 Combinator and 124 NNXT patches.

The Combinator patches all have a default sound but this is only a drop in the ocean. Every combinator then has numerous possible adjustments, from shaping to FX. This allows the producer to dial in the exact sound they're looking for.

There is also a REX & Redrum library included. These drums and drum loops are focused on dubstep and its many spin offs and genre connotations.

All Growlre patches are based on a specially created sound library, using samples and sounds not found in Reason.

What Growlre wants to do is provide the producer with a large selection of edgy sounds that makes the production of certain styles of music a bit easier, and allows the producer to concentrate on other things in the production.


  • 150 Unique Combinators
  • 124 NN-XT Patches
  • 60 REX Loops
  • 8 Dr. OctoRex Patches
  • 4 Redrum Kits
  • 1 Demo Track
  • 710 Unique High Quality Samples
  • Refill is 1.4 GB in size (2.3 GB Before packing)