ExploRe - ReTron


Patches for Re-Tron

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ExploRe - ReTron

  • • Patches for Re-Tron
  • • 104 Combinators
  • • Perfect for acoustic and electronic music


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Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the GForce Re-Tron Rack Extension installed on your system.

ExploRe takes underrated ReTron Rack Extension, and really pushes it hard. The result is, beautiful pads & Strings sounds, Unique and poignant mallet and bell sounds.

Product details

Using uniquely sculpted instances of ReTron and giving them a 50/50 share of the one space creates some amazing sounds. Everything sound like a dream!

The refill contains 104 very unique combinators for ReTron. All Explore Refills including this one are for use with Reason 9 and above.


  • GForce ReTron Rack Extension
  • Reason 9 (and above)
  • The FREE A/B 12 Stereo Audio Input Switch by Pongasoft - Download it here