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ExploRe - Nostromo

  • • Patches for Nostromo
  • • 110 combinators
  • • Not your everyday sounds


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Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Nostromo Spectral Synthesizer Rack Extension installed on your system.

ExploRe takes the stunning spectral sound of the Nostromo Synthesizer Rack Extension, and makes it even weirder!

Product details

Using two uniquely sculpted instances of Nostromo and giving them a 50/50 share of the one space creates some strange and beautiful sounds.

All Explore Refills including this one are for use with Reason 9 and above. The refill contains 110 unique spectral combinators, and helps Nostromo to make the stranger of sounds you will ever hear in the Reason rack.

Note This particular refill for Nostromo would be aimed at more creative producers looking for odd sound and probably would not fall into the "Everyday producer" category.