Epic BeatRe


Drums & Percussion

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Epic BeatRe

  • • The Most Unique Percussion Found In The Reason Ra
  • • Perfect For Scoring Or Just Epic Music
  • • Highly Acclaimed


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We found it hard to describe the refill in one paragraph, so instead we decided to throw out a few descriptive words instead! So we’ll just leave these right here….

Devastating / Dramatic / Hair Raising / Powerful / Intuitive / Edge Of Your Seat / Intense / Blockbuster / Thrilling / Orgasmic / Cinematic / Special / and of course.. Epic!

Product details

Epic Beatre brings together some of the most thrilling percussive sounds you will ever hear in your rack. Using a variation of NNXT, Kong & Redrum you can create truly unique sounding score. We have also threw in A Rex library and some special combinators to get your creative juices flowing. Part of the ‘Softphonics ScoRe’ range, available from the Propellerhead store. For info or support visit wwwSoftphonics.com


  • 50 Combinators
  • 23 Redrum Kits
  • 30 Kong Kits
  • 16 NNXT Kits
  • 75 REX2 Loops
  • 09 OctoRex Patches
  • 1015 x 24 Bit Samples
  • 50 Wav Loops
  • MIDI Files

Some examples of kit types include: Abstract Percussion Kits , EB Acoustic Drum Kits, Cymbals Kits, Epic Hits Kits, Epic Kicks, Epic Rolls Kits, Ethnic Large Drums, Ethnic Percussion, Effected Kits, Horror Kit, Japanese War Kits, Nik Nak Kits, Orchestral Kits, Percussion Kits, Rhythm Kits, Score Kit 01s, Snare Kit, Specials Kit, Woods & Steels Kits, Epic Toms Kits, Various Metals