Advanced Strings

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  • • 740 Unique Combinators
  • • Innovative Reason Sound Design
  • • Highest Quality Strings Ever Made For Reason


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A new standard for String instruments has come to the Reason environment.

Encore takes everything about Strings in Reason and raises the bar. Using a unique sampling method and the power of Reasons Combinator, It brings you new and exciting sounding strings and new ways to play them straight from your reason rack.

Product details

Using new innovative techniques that bring the best out of Reasons strengths, we have created a new way of looking at string production using reason.

As sound designers we don't want to compromise on sound quality so we wanted to keep the highest quality recordings in the instruments.

This meant having to create new ways of sound realism without having to have many GB of layered samples which only take up space and slow down performance.

So after a number trials we feel we came up with a solution. By adding playable dynamics we are able to keep the high quality and also keep the refill size down!

Win - win. The playable dynamics vary per patch but one stoke of the mod wheel kicks a series of movements into action which when mastered give you the option to play massive strings without any of the side effects.

RE-Legato is a concept we designed where the pitch wheel had been removed in favor of a 3 way playable switch. Pressing up on the wheel while playing an upward progression will give you a true legato never seen in reason before in any R.E or Refill. The same applies to downward movement and if you want to you can automate it all for perfection. The Re-Legato creates absolutely rue sounding strings you can see our video that covers it for more information.

We also added favorites from other Softphonics libraries like Keyswitch patches and split keyboard patches which are extremely handy in both studio and live situations. The Animator section is vast and covers moving stings in a variety of instruments > Articulations > Time Signature > Patterns & Sequences, in both Note and chord form. So this in itself is a huge area to work with and has tons of pre-programmed patterns for all styles of music.

What you get:

  • 740 Combinator Patches
  • 45 NNXT
  • Powered by 2430 High End Instrument Recordings

Example Of Some Contents:

The Combinator Instruments

Bass Bleed
Bass Marcs
Bass Pizzicato
Bass Soft
Bass Spiccato
Bass Sustained

Cello Bleed
Cello Pizzicato Cello Runs
Cello Soft
Cello Spiccato
Cello Staccato
Cello Sustained
Cello Tremelo

Violas Bleed
Violas Pizzicato
Violas Soft
Violas Spiccato
Violas Staccato
Violas Sustained Sharp
Violas Sustained Medium
Violas Thrills
Violas Tremelo

Violins Bleed
Violins Pizzicato
Violins Runs
Violins Spiccato
Violins Staccato
Violins Soft
Violins Sustained Medium
Violins Sustained Sharp
Violins Thrills

RE-Legato Instruments

Re Legato Basses
Re Legato Cellos
Re Legato Violas
Re Legato Violins

Split Instruments

Basses - Cellos (Harmonic)
Basses - Cellos (Sustained)
Basses - Cellos (Pizzicato)
Basses - Cellos (Spiccato)
Basses - Cellos (Tremelo)
Basses - Violas (Harmonic)
Basses - Violas (Pizzicato)
Basses - Violas (Spiccato)
Basses - Violas (Sustained)
Basses - Violins (Harmonics)
Basses - Violins (Pizzicato)
Basses - Violins (Staccato)
Basses - Violins (Spiccato)
Basses - Violins (Sustained)
Basses - Violins (Tremelo)
Bass Marcs - Cello Pizz
Bass Marcs - Cello Sustained
Bass Marcs - Cello Tremelo
Bass Marcs - Violas Pizzicato
Bass Marcs - Violas Sustained
Bass Marcs - Violins Spiccato
Bass Marcs - Violins Sus
Bass Marcs - Violins Thrills
Bass Marcs - Violins Tremelo
Cello - Violas (Sustained)
Cello - Violins (Sustained)
Cellos - Violins (Pizzicato)
Cellos - Violins (Spiccato)
Cellos - Violins (Bleed)
Cellos - Violas (Bleed)
Cellos - Violins (Tremelo)
Solo Bass - Ensemble Bass (Sustained)
Violas - Violins (Sustained)
Violas - Violins (Bleed)

Keyswitch Patches (Basics)

Basses Multi 1
Basses Multi 2
Cellos Multi 1
Cellos Multi 2
Harmonic Ensemble Multi
Marcato & Runs Multi
Pizzicato Multi Ensemble
Softly Played Ensemble
Solo Instruments ensemble
Spiccato Multi Ensemble
Staccato Multi Ensemble
Sustained Multi Ensemble
Violas Multi 1
Violas Multi 2
Violins Multi 1
Violins Multi 2
Violins Multi 3

Animated Instruments (Workflow)

1 Choose Instrumnet Bass / Cello / Viola / Violins
2 Choose Articulation Pizzicato / Staccato / Spiccato / Marcs
3 Choose Time Signature 8/4 4/4 3/4 2/4 4/4Triplet
4 Choose Pattern or Sequence
5 Choose Note or Chords

Format & Size

Built for Reason 9 minimum, and above
2.6 GB (5.1 Pre-packing)
24 Bit Audio