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CV Mutant


Signal Shaper
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CV Mutant shapes an envelope into the exact progression you want, and was designed as a translation matrix to convert any CV signal into another.

Map a combinator rotary to the Big Knob, allowing the rotary to take on any curve imaginable. Use the simple built-in LFO; internally routed to the envelope stages, morphing the LFO to take on any shape. Or use the built-in Trigger; for a one-shot play of the envelope with support for a sustain loop, and variable play-speed and amplitude based on the note played.

Take full control of your CV Signals! CV Mutant Envelope Shaper will make your life easier and a whole lot more interesting!

Product details

16 stage envelope, with transitions between stages shapable by adjusting the Curve and Width parameters;

Interactable display, set up your envelope easily using drag and drop;

De-linearize your combinator rotaries by using the Big Knob feature;

LFO with a wide range of synced or free rates. (Synced from 1/32 to 32/1, or a free rate of 0.01Hz to 100Hz);

One-shot trigger makes envelope playable. Supports sustain loop, and variable play rate and variable gain depending on the note played.

'Mutate' any CV signal into another, definable by the envelope;

Includes 130+ combinator patches, to demonstrate how CV Mutant can help you shape your CV signals;

Unipolar processing, with support for Bipolar input and output;

Shift your input to the left or right before reading the envelope;

Clamp your input to the normally accepted range, or use Wrap to map the excess input to the other side of the envelope;

6 CV Outputs, 1 for the Big Knob, 4 for CV translations, and 1 for the LFO. All are processed and output in parallel;

Monitor the CV inputs, LFO, and the Big Knob on the LED meters by using the selectable Input Display;

For more detailed information and the manual, visit CV Mutant's website by clicking the "Product website" link at the top of the page.

Upgrade to version 2: - Added interactable display - Added Trigger channel - Added input Shift and Wrap