Apex KompoZRe


Unique Piano

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Apex KompoZRe

  • • 175 Combinators
  • • 250 Dr Rex Loops
  • • 55 Kongbinators


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Picture a grand piano. Now think of the space between the keys being pressed, and the hammers they trigger. This, the inner workings of the beautiful instrument having it's piano wire replaced with industrial machinery, each key of the grand piano causing a different reaction inside the madness.

This is the basic concept for Apex KompoZRe.

Product details

With producers looking to make their music stand out and sound different, we thought we would design an instrument to back up those ideas. Apex KompoZRe will help you create very unique sounding music, and will help unlock new ideas for your music.

  • 175 Combinators
  • 250 Dr Rex Loops
  • 55 Kongbinators
  • 61 NNXT
  • 28 Kong Kits
  • Over 1000 24 Bit Samples
  • 19 Stock Unit Presets
  • Our own purpose built Grand Piano - The IvoRe
  • Multi FX boards
  • For Reason 6 and above
1.5 update includes:
  • Sample loop point adjustments
  • Better DSP performance
  • Sample directory repair
  • Patch fine tuning
  • Couple of new patches