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Rack Extensions & ReFills

Rack Extensions are plug-ins that blend seamlessly in the Reason rack. Offering great sound, smooth workflow and rock-solid stability. ReFill sound libraries expand your rack further with high quality samples, patches, loops and grooves.

RGRE Instrument

Guitar groove machine.
Rack Extension
Rob Papen

RG is a unique groove plug-in that is far more than just a "Virtual Rhythm Guitar player!”

By using the RG on-board sequencer it is possible to create classic Rhythm Guitar grooves, but beyond that you can use the synthesizer features and effects to make fresh new edgy guitar grooves. To play the grooves RG uses a keyboard layout split into "major chords" and "minor chords", each with two sequence patterns (A or B). Additionally there are also the Power Chord, Distorted sound and Muted guitar sound banks which both have no major or minor range, but can still sequence A and B.

RG Guitar types included are:
- The classic Fender Stratocaster electric guitar (major and minor7 chords)
- A 8th note groove type Steel String acoustic guitar (major and minor chords)
- A 16th note groove type Steel String acoustic guitar (major and minor chords)
- A Power Chord groove type Distorted guitar ( 5ths chords / absense of 3rd)
- Muted Low and Muted High groove type guitar (single notes / no chords)

Rob Papen Quad Instrument

Rob Papen Quad
Rack Extension
Rob Papen

QUAD is the first Rack Extension synthesizer built from the ground up for Reason by the Rob Papen team.

It features two oscillators with a seemingly simple arsenal of classic waveforms. But the sonic palette is huge though, through the vast modulation possibilities that QUAD has to offer. Oscillator sound sculpting are the Phase Distortion and Wave Shaper. These tools are brought to life by four XY-Pads,which can be moved through an extensive modulation matrix. The movements can be recorded as automation directly into Reason’s sequencer.

QUAD’s oscillators are complemented by two top notch analogue modelled filters, an arpeggiator and two high quality effects processors.

Vecto Instrument

Vector synthesizer
Rack Extension
Rob Papen

Vecto is a four-oscillator vector synthesizer that allows users to draw in vector paths to shape the sound in many different ways. Included are a large range of oscillator waves, plus sampled waveforms and lots of different modulation options and preset vector paths to help create the unique Vecto sounds!

Due to the interesting range of waveforms, from classic analog modelled ones, Additive, Spectrum and high quality sampled waveforms, the sound options are dazzling deep!
Two filters are added with 28 Filter types and 2 top notch effect processors finish the audio route with blister. A lot of interesting modulation options and creative features are added in Vecto, including an arpeggiator.

Another dedicated RE synthesizer built by the team of Rob Papen, to let Reason sound as never before.

RPVerb Effect

Rack Extension
Rob Papen

When it comes to a pristine, authentic reverb, it's the algorithm that counts.
RP-Verb is the fruit of Rob Papen's decades-long study of reverb.
With countless hours of exploring, testing, and tweaking by Rob himself and Jon Ayres, the result is exactly what you would expect: a stunning, musical reverb that brings unmatched dimension and fullness to your mixes.

RP-Verb is "the Reverb" that you have waited years for to use in your Reason rack!

PunchBDRE Instrument

Bass Drum Synth
Rack Extension
Rob Papen
$49.00 $39.00

BD October!

PunchBD-RE is a versatile and easy to use bass drum synthesizer for your Reason Rack.
With PunchBD-RE you get two modelled synthesizer drum modules, a click/noise module and a sample module to help you shape the main beat for your productions. From Dance and electronic and Hiphop to soundtrack. PunchBD-RE has it covered.

With further filters, envelopes, modulation routings and CV on the back you can take your bass drum sounds one step further to provide a solid sound to your productions. The bass drum is an essential part of building a track and this is where PunchBD-RE will deliver!

PredatorRE Instrument

Contemporary Synth
Rack Extension
Rob Papen

Predator-RE is a killer synthesizer that combines
inspiring preset's and first-class features to make this your ‘go-to’ synthesizer for contemporary music production. The user interface has been designed so that all controls are visible on screen, making it fun and incredibly easy to use.

Included are over 4400 preset's divided into several style banks. There is no contemporary music style that is not covered by the sound of Predator-RE!

SubBoomBassRE Instrument

Bass Synth
Rack Extension
Rob Papen

SubBoomBass RE is filled with excessive amounts of low end ammunition to detonate your tracks!
With presets designed by the legendary Rob Papen and other guest artists, this dedicated bass synth will supply you with huge cone-rattling sounds that will body any music track.
This software instrument is great for Hip Hop and RnB but can also be used for Dubstep, video game music, film scores and more...

RPDistort Effect

Distortion unit
Rack Extension
Rob Papen

RP-Distort is not just a distortion unit, but much more. The distortion unit inside RP-Distort can be combined with an analog modeled filter, compressor and widener unit.

On top of that, the controls can be modulated using midi sources or by one of the 4 build in LFOs that can sync to your host tempo..

The distortion unit offers 33 distortion types included ring modulator and lo-fi.
RP-Distort is a wicked FX unit that will distort or alter your tracks in an inspirational way.