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Lithium WT Synthesizer
Rack Extension
Zakuna Prod

Lithium is a wavetable synthesizer with a unique sound.

Lithium features a set of custom made wavetables which gives the user freedom to produce anything from warm evolving pads, experimental noisy or classic subtractive style sounds.

With a retro look and a straightforward layout, Lithium is based on the idea of experimentation, and to have the ability
to create a wide variety of timbres, but still being minimalistic and fast patched.

Parsec Boost Bundle

Patches for Parsec
Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd.

Please note that this ReFill bundle requires that you have the Parsec 1.0.5 or later installed on your system.

Let’s merge the great additive-synthesizer with our outstanding
sound-design. This bundle unleashes the full potential of the Parsec Rack
Extension; giving you an extremely wide variety of Combinator instruments,
effects and raw patches to choose from. “Parsec Combination”, and
“Extension ReFill - Parsec” are meant to complement each other and greatly
expand your abilities with it, over the factory soundbank. It’s a set of
sounds sculpted to perfection to help raise your productions to the next

Natural Selection Pedal Board

Modular FX Board
Rack Extension
Bassment DSP
$39.00 $29.00

Purchase before 05/22 and save 25%

The Natural Selection:Pedal Board is a comprehensive modular board of effects.
With 6 slots with 8 effects each, the NS:Pedal-Board will be the natural choice for any source.

SP-2 Siberian Halls

Convolution reverb
Rack Extension
Sputnik Audio

In the SP-2 Siberian Halls Reverb included a unique impulse responses the famous public halls of the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Parsec Combination

Patches for Parsec
Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd.

Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Parsec 1.0.5 or later installed on your system.

Add more flavor to your sounds library with these new sparkly-crisp sounds
for Propellerhead’s Parsec Rack Extension.


Drum Samples & Loops

Sektre is a ReFill based around the genres "Hip Hop - Rap - RnB" and focuses strongly on beats and beat making.

Deep & Bass House

Beats & phrases
Sample Magic

Deep and dubby, dark and dirty: forward-thinking house music direct from the underground.

Deep & Bass House returns to the UK underground with 900MB+ of chunky big-room beats, killer basslines, filtered chords, retro piano riffs, brooding synths, pitched vocals, twisted FX and punchy drum hits for the new school of deep house.

Low End Theory

Beats & phrases
Sample Magic

An artful collage of west coast hip-hop, sample-heavy electronica and chilled trap - pulling in elements of jazz, funk and soul along the way - Low End Theory is a 1.3GB exploration of the influential LA beat scene made famous by the likes of Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Daedelus.

VAC-6 Volume Analyzer & Controller

Analyze/Control Volume
Rack Extension

Analyze and Control your volume!

The pongasoft VAC-6 Volume Analyzer & Controller is a 2U FREE utility/effect that lets you analyze and control the peak volume of a signal.

Volume analyzer (peak levels)

2 different kinds of analyzer:

- an LCD screen shows the peak volume history as a bar graph (adjustable from 5s to 30s)
- 3 numeric displays show the peak volume as a value (in dB) which happened during 3 independent and adjustable measurement windows (from 20ms to 30s)
- display ok/soft clipping/hard clipping levels
- numeric displays visible when the device is folded

Volume controller

2 volume knobs lets you control the volume

- one can be used to set global level, the other for automation
- both can be fully automated
- visible when the device is folded

As an example, the device can be used before exporting your track for mastering and making sure that no levels exceed -6dB by setting the soft clipping level to -6dB: any value above this threshold will be represented as an orange bar/number.


Rack Extension
Skrock Music

Solaris is a powerful 5 oscillator synthesizer that blends 9 sampled instruments like piano, strings, brass (even didgeridoo) with 14 wavetables to create the sounds of today, all the way back to the era of 80's movie soundtracks.

SW4-C Multi-Switch Controller

Switch + controller
Rack Extension

The SW4-C Multi-Switch Controller is a two-in-one
device capable of performing a wide range of tasks.

Its main function is to act as a 4 way switch sending
incoming cv information to 1 of 4 destinations.

It is also an important element in the R.O.M.O.S
concept aimed at producing random soundscapes
on multi-speaker set-ups.

As a secondary function, the SW4-C can be used as a compact controller with 8 knobs and 8 buttons.

Multiband Compressor

Multiband Processor
Rack Extension
Red Rock Sound

Compression is one of the most commonly used methods of processing audio in the modern recording, mixing and mastering. This helps to improve the intelligibility of vocals, tame overly aggressive snare drum, and limit the dynamic range through the mix so that the listener does not have to continue to adjust the volume on the playback system.

Multiband compression divides the frequency spectrum into different sections, or strips, so that each of them has its own unique parameters of compression. This allows a longer attack time for the low band of that bass drum to punch through, while keeping a shorter attack time in a higher band to keep the guitar in check. By using a multiband compressor, it is possible to closely tailor the compression to the different elements in a mix and compress the recording more transparently than with a standard single-band compressor.

Remnant - Deep Ambient Loops

Ambient Loops

‘Remnant - Deep Ambient Loops' by ModeAudio will fill your studio with shafts of soft, ethereal sound with 150 dense and immersive music loops. Glowing clouds of textured drones, sparkling arps and chords, immense basses, supple percussion, hypnotic sonic atmospheres and more await you in this sumptuous, 519MB library of rich, layered sound design!

Soft Focus - Future R&B Loops

R&B Loops

‘Soft Focus - Future R&B Loops’ from ModeAudio surges through the neon-lit mist to bring you a huge 600MB collection of contemporary bass weight, skittering vintage drums and sleek forward-thinking synth leads! From thundering 808-style basslines and yearning, submerged pad chords to lilting electric guitar leads and beyond, this sound collection will deliver all the gentle chill and magnetic drama of the finest Future R&B around.


Dual LFO
Rack Extension

Pulsar LGM-1 is a dual channel modulation powerhouse for the Reason rack. Use it to introduce variation to your sounds, create entirely new ones using its advanced and flexible modulation, or load up any of the masterfully crafted presets for instant inspiration.

Cassette Recorder Audio Processor - No.2

CRAPRE - Number Two!
Rack Extension

The Cassette Recorder Audio Processor Rack Extension is back and worser than before! This time we bring you the more Pro Version with L0-f1 Dolphonics™ Processing! We listened to everyone who loved the classic tape sound of the original C.R.A.P.R.E., and added more controls for even worser tones. It’s guaranteed to make things sound warm and fuzzy and buzzy and hummy and munchy. It’s like the Original Crapre, but with more Number Two!

CRAPRE Number Two is NOT an Upgrade from previous versions. Original CRAPRE users rest assured that the kittens and unicorn will always be in your rack! There is a special €9|$9 Introductory Price for Everybody until May Day! Normally €25|$25. Crapre Diem! Don't be a fool and miss this deal!

MC-1 More Cowbell

Rack Extension
Robotic Bean AB

We’ve got the complete prescription for your cowbell fever. Velocity-layered cowbell samples with more than enough robins to go around and all the cowbell patterns you will ever need, all packed into a single device!

Due to incompetence on our part, we only managed to make a limited number of these devices. According to the overwhelming demand we’re expecting, we fear that we'll only have enough cowbells to last through May 1st, 2016!

Synthetic Rig 2 ReFill

Synthetic Rig Patches
Various Developers

NOTE: This product is made for and included in the Synthetic Rig bundle.

The Synthetic ReFill is a free addition to the Synthetic Rig bundle. With this ReFill you get hundreds of instrument, Combinator patches and demo songs tailor made for your Synthetic Rig bundle by leading producers and sound designers.

Zero Hybrid Synthesizer

Rack Extension
Blamsoft, Inc.

Zero Hybrid Synthesizer brings modern FM synthesis to the Reason rack. Featuring six operators with tons of waveform possibilities and a powerful algorithm matrix, you can create unique FM sounds not previously possible in Reason.

But it's not just for FM.

Zero also packs in additive, subtractive, and RM synthesis, flexible graphical envelopes, and three high quality on-board effects; chorus, delay, and reverb.

Factory presets by renowned sound designers Aiyn Zahev, eXode, and Navi Retlav Studio provide you quick access to a wide variety of sounds, like EDM plucks, lush pads, and aggressive bass.

Zero is a powerful beast, but still user friendly and fun for experimentation.

A-List Studio Drummer

Drum instrument
Rack Extension

Intro, verse, breakdown, chorus - that’s how we as musicians tend to think about our music, and that’s how you can create dynamic, human-feel drum tracks with A-List Studio Drummer. Select your desired style and play your MIDI keyboard’s white keys for progressions through verses and chorus patterns, playing skill optional! Use the black keys to trigger intros, fills and stops. Add filler hits with the individual samples also mapped to the keyboard.

Orbis Wavetable Synthesizer

Wavetable Synth
Rack Extension
Skrock Music

Orbis Wavetable Synthesizer is a mono/poly wavetable synth. Orbis features 4 oscillators, each with a selection of 14 wavetables.

JPS Harmonic Synthesizer

Classic Additive Synth
Rack Extension
Jiggery-Pokery Sound

With an all-analog audio path, and rock-solid digital harmonic oscillators, the RMI Harmonic Synthesizer was the world's first digital synthesizer.

Produced in very limited quantities for a very short period in the mid-1970s, at long last here is your opportunity to own a loving recreation of this beautiful, and exceptionally ultra-rare, classic American synthesizer.

Best known for its prominent role in Oxygéne, where it was used extensively (and usually through an Electric Mistress flanger) for basses (Parts II and IV), leads (Parts IV and V) and sequences (Part V), the RMI was almost a decade ahead of its time.

With surprisingly deep but clean and harmonically rich basses and cutting leads, this restored version improves on the original by adding extra features such as a 4-stage envelope and polyphony, its slightly lo-fi waveform will add a unique character and texture to your tracks.

EmbouchuRe - Stunning Brass Instruments

Brass ReFill

A new standard for brass instruments has come to the Reason environment.

EmbouchuRe is a collection of brass instruments that brings a new level of
quality brass to the Reason environment. The instruments range from basic
to concert standard giving the Reason musician ultimate choice. The
instruments were recorded in some unique spaces and we have included the
IR's for the Rv7000 MkII.

Step Note Recorder

Pitch Sequencer
Rack Extension
Robotic Bean AB

MIDI step recording has finally arrived in Reason!

Step was inspired by the sequencers found in some classic mono synths. You'll find all the usual features like rests, slides and octave shift -- But why stop there? So we went ahead and added velocity recording, playback directions, on-the-fly scaling and full editing capabilities. The result is fun, fast and addictive!

Don't miss our Pattern Bundle that includes Select CV Switch for free!

Impulse Boost Bundle

Impulse Responses
Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd.

Here is the perfect combination to fulfill your need for new impulse
responses. With this bundle you get the bread and butter, as well as the
most unique IRs you could imagine. We crossed the limits of sound design,
and used everything we could, from AM/FM synth, Cab and Mic Coloration up
to granular-manipulations and field-recordings of outstanding places. All
treated with our special technique to make them tonally perfect and ready
to use with any instrument. It’s more than you could imagine.

Impulse Exploration 3

Impulse Responses
Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd.

The journey continues. This time we focused our attention on resonant
chambers, unusual small-spaces, rooms and corridors (spiced with unique
tonal character). These impulse responses will put your instruments in
tight-spaces that are unreachable in the real world.

Including organic, futuristic environments and psychedelic chambers, all surprisingly fitting
in a natural way. Just for this project, we pushed granular synthesis to the limits, mixing it with great sounding analog gear and a handful of our special algorithms, to make sure we delivered the most versatile and dynamics-rich product. Everything is ready for professional use, right out of the box; thanks to the precisely controlled tonality of the IRs. You won’t find anything like this in any other place, and we are fully proud of it. Just try it.

Cinematic Textures and Drones

Sound Library ReFill
Biome Digital

Cinematic Textures and Drones is a must have production tool for cinematic sound design and modern electronic music production. This sample library contains a gold mine of cinematic sounds to enhance your sonic pallet. Everything from ethereal pads and vocal ambiences to broken motors, unsettling alarms and loads more.

A/B Audio & CV Switch

Switch Audio and/or CV
Rack Extension

A/B Test your audio!

The pongasoft A/B Audio & CV Switch is a 1U FREE utility that lets you switch with one simple click between 2 audio inputs and independently 2 CV inputs.

Use the switch as a comparison (A/B testing) tool

Its one-click instant switching capability lets you:

- easily audition 2 different versions of audio sources (with an option to soften the transition to eliminate clicks and pops)
- hear the distinction when 2 different CV sources are applied to a device

Use the switch in your production

Since the switch can be automated, you can use it in your production to simplify some tasks, for example:

- switch between 2 mutually exclusive audio tracks at various points in your mix (you automate the switch vs automating mute/unmute on 2 tracks)
- switch between 2 different LFOs with very different parameters (you automate the switch vs automating each parameter)

Although designed as a utility, the switch can be used very creatively as well!

SP-1 Digital PLATE Reverb

Convolution reverb
Rack Extension
Sputnik Audio

SP-1 Digital PLATE Reverb is based on the mathematical convolution operation, and uses a pre-recorded audio sample of the impulse response obtained with hi-end hardware reverb.

RGRE Instrument

Guitar groove machine.
Rack Extension
Rob Papen

RG is a unique groove plug-in that is far more than just a "Virtual Rhythm Guitar player!”

By using the RG on-board sequencer it is possible to create classic Rhythm Guitar grooves, but beyond that you can use the synthesizer features and effects to make fresh new edgy guitar grooves. To play the grooves RG uses a keyboard layout split into "major chords" and "minor chords", each with two sequence patterns (A or B). Additionally there are also the Power Chord, Distorted sound and Muted guitar sound banks which both have no major or minor range, but can still sequence A and B.

RG Guitar types included are:
- The classic Fender Stratocaster electric guitar (major and minor7 chords)
- A 8th note groove type Steel String acoustic guitar (major and minor chords)
- A 16th note groove type Steel String acoustic guitar (major and minor chords)
- A Power Chord groove type Distorted guitar ( 5ths chords / absense of 3rd)
- Muted Low and Muted High groove type guitar (single notes / no chords)